Seasonal Varieties


Keep an eye out for what speciality is brewing at Sacred Bean this week.

If you’re looking for something a little darker, this is where to find it

Stay up to date with our news and social media to find out what’s on offer or send us an email and we’ll let you know what’s brewing. Our coffee portfolio changes throughout the year due to deferring harvesting times in different locations around the world. Expect bolder seasonal favourites such as India Monsoon, India Mysore, Old Brown Java, Sumatra Manderling or Western Uganda Rwezori.

In addition, we often have special blends, such as Home Blend (a mixture of Brazil, Colombia, and Indian single origins), Chester’s Blend (a 50-50 blend of Brazil Bom Jesus and Supremo), or our new Wellbeing Blend (a mixture of Rwanda, Brazil, and Indian Monsoon Malabar.

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